Ushering in the Future

Technology has made life easier for automotive consumers. Shouldn’t those advances also be used by the industry itself?

Dealer Market Exchange is solving this by innovating the industry’s first business-intelligent market platform for dealerships, industry vendors, car manufacturers, and consumers to engage and conduct business.

Using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, our users are provided with advanced tools and services designed to easily, quickly and efficiently move inventory.

Accessed and operated through a single application, users can accurately perform vehicle appraisals, view book values, recall checks and retail market views, as well as do factory-certified inspections, reconditioning estimates, syndicate inventory, and perform auctions.

Mobile Appraisals

DMX provides the industry’s first mobile, real time, crowdsourced appraisal

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence using book values, regional retail listings, and predictive analytics, accurate price references are generated, alongside an “in-the-moment price” of what a buyer is willing to pay.

We also check recalls, vehicle history reports, and sync Bluetooth devices to verify paint quality from unreported body damage, or vehicle diagnostics, painting a complete value picture in the palm of your hand in minutes.

Pre-owned vehicles pass through wholesaler or dealer hands on their way to consumers just prior to trade-in or auctions. We introduce a real-time network of engaged users to directly bid on pre-trade values.

Using simple, yet advanced technology, users can appraise a vehicle, submit to the open market, and receive bids from truly interested buyers.

Our goal is to standardize the appraisal process, mitigate risk, and achieve consensus among users to value assets for honest pre-trade pricing.

Market Dashboard

Real time

Tap to send the appraisal into a bidders market and receive a crowdsourced pre-trade value in moments.



DMX Appraisals


Intuitive media capture, inspection, condition assessment &  integrated dashboard results — in just a few minutes

Mobile Inspections

DMX Certified – a Real Standard

Using patent-pending algorithms, any vehicle regardless of make, model, or trim can be easily and accurately evaluated over a baseline of 300+ inspection points.

Any consistent grading process relies on standardized inspection points and accurate condition descriptions. DMX Vehicle inspections adjust according to VIN, including pre-set factory CPO checklists, empowering dealers to implement OEM CPO programs quickly and easily.

Every DMX Certified Grade is saved to the cloud and moves through the market with its VIN. Both buyers and sellers can easily access certification history by simply scanning a VIN with the DMX app.



Available only to participating FCA dealers at this time.

Mobile Wholesale Trading

A painless solution to trade vehicles

Building on our Appraising and Grading technology, our trade market seamlessly connects buyers and sellers into an ecosystem to conduct auction and wholesale trades.

Accessing an open market of participating dealer inventory, integrated APIs to OEMs, vendors, and wholesalers, we provide access from multiple feeds to pre-owned and fleet inventory.

Registered users can activate an individual or bundle preferred services to appraise, grade, list, sell, bid, buy, and ship vehicles far below the higher cost and inefficiencies of conventional methods.

Our goal is to provide the core tools users need in one intelligent market to value, trade and transact vehicles while advancing our technology to increase your efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.