Innovating a one-world market for automotiveTM

We’re creating the industry market of tomorrow by leveraging the most advanced technologies available today. It’s our goal to bring a unique, practical and efficient user experience to a global industry of car business users.

From appraising, grading, bidding and buying, to selling, shipping and floor plan lending – dealers, vendors, manufacturers and ultimately consumers, converge within a simple, unified complete market to efficiently conduct business.

Term contracts, costly fees, multiple log-ins, and disparate applications finally go away. In its place: advanced technology with predictive analytics, resulting in a measurable increase of user efficiency and dealer profitability.

Our objective is tall – migrate an industry of habit into a culture of change. DMX is innovating that change with passion, ingenuity and world-class talent.


Jason Bennick CEO

Jason Bennick

Co-Founder & CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO of DMX, and a Blockchain and FinTech visionary, Jason leverages decades of experience across multiple disciplines in building and leading teams across technology, marketing, operations, finance and legal, and now building one of the country’s fastest-growing startups.

Prior to co-founding DMX, Jason founded Stonetrust Consulting, providing strategic startup and growth consulting services for a number of early-stage businesses, including planning and organizational development for now a leading New York private equity firm, GPB Capital Holdings, LLC.

Earlier he served as the first Chief Operating Officer for AutoLoop, an automotive technology SaaS. There, he spent 6 years architecting, building and growing its business operations, delivery workflows, marketing, and internal processes from founding stages to over 200 employees, servicing 2,000+ dealerships and three car manufacturers.

Before immersion in automotive, Jason spent 15 years in California as a film, video and broadcast producer, building and growing over a dozen studios and 500 personnel, producing video, film and broadcast educational programs, and another 10 years in digital manufacturing and global product distribution to 50+ countries.

Jason graduated summa cum laude and holds a B.B.A. in International Business from American Intercontinental University, along with legal studies from Northwestern California School of Law, and is an INSEAD Business School Graduate of the Blue Ocean Strategy Program.

Wes Reid

Co-Founder & Head of Technology

As the Co-Founder and Head of Product & Technology of Dealer Market Exchange, Wes is laser-focused on leading the architecture, build and deployment of the DMX platform. Wes brings to his role over 15 years of experience developing flexible and sustainable technology solutions supporting high-profile and high-performance web, mobile and emerging experience applications.

His passion for the auto industry developed at a young age; a dealership was the family business. With auto as his passion and technology as his craft, Wes has now set out to reinvent an aging automotive industry through technology digital solutions that improve the car buying experience for dealers and their customers.

Prior to co-founding DMX, Wes held technology leadership positions in large financial institutions including American Express and the New York Stock Exchange. He’s also held a variety of positions in digital agencies including Razorfish, 360i and Ogilvy & Mather. As part of his agency tenure, Wes has designed complex, large-scale digital solutions in multiple markets and languages for clients including Spotify, Ford, Mercedes Benz Financial Services, and Comcast’s XfinityTV, among others.

With primary expertise in product strategy, architecture, and full stack engineering, Wes is also a seasoned architect for mobile solutions across all platforms. Wes attended the University of Houston for Management Information Systems and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music for Jazz Performance.


`Each and every one of our rockstars plays a vital role in achieving the company vision.


Blarys Segarra

Our internal-facing team architect, Blarys has commanded a 1000-strong staff and comes prepared. She displays island culture warmth in attending to the smaller details, like sharing her love of local coffee and office holiday decor, while wielding an iron fist in her soft, velvet glove.

Location:Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico


Mikhail Boutylin

Mikhail is officially the best bagpipes player in the company. He likes Asiatic countries and practices kung-fu. He lived in Italy for 6 years, so you can always talk to him about pizza. In his free time, he teaches his 3 children how to write code.

Location:Minsk, Belarus

User Experience

Justin Singer

Justin joins DMX from half-way across the world where he defeated the Shadow Warriors, a savage street gang led by the ominous Shadow Dragon. He is now laying low in Florida: learning how to use email and exercising patience with 3,000 piece puzzles.

Location:Hollywood, FL

Data Specialist

Vladimir Garcia

Vlad is one of our data specialists, in charge of creating databases, graphics, presentations and agendas by combining automotive data samples, numerical/service data, and vehicle build information. He has a Masters in Organizational Psychology. His first name is Russian, his middle name is Arabic, but he’s 100% Puertorican!

Location:Manati (Sea Cow), Puerto Rico


Jacek Kolasa

Jacek keeps a laptop by his bed in case brilliance strikes in the middle of the night: He doesn’t even have to wake up. In his spare time, he writes scores for local musicals. He loves hopping into his car to sing as loud as he wants, with a voice only his windshield can hear: He only wishes it had more leg room.

Location:Poznan, Poland


Jake Gardner

Jake brings the sunshine. Being a Cancer, his colors are white and orange, which is why he wears grey. While he received a very promising self-regeneration injection from a scientist found on Craigslist, he’s regretting his hasty decision to cut off his pinky to see if it worked.

Location:New Jersey

Industry Specialist

Jim Thompson

Our resident man-at-arms on the frontline of architecting our business ecosystem, Jim’s our internal voice of dealership needs and makes it happen – if that voice sounded like a Russian movie trailer. He can rip a phone book in half, with one hand. Bingo Bango.

Location:Florida USA


Richie Grosskreuz

A 30 year veteran of the automotive industry, Richie spent the first 20 years on the retail side (the last 8 of which was as operating partner of Geis Auto Mall, no less) and another 10 years helping build multiple industry start-ups. He is intimately familiar with the challenges dealerships face. Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y., Richie still enjoys the city along with his wife and 3 daughters.

Location:New York, USA


Javier Ruiz

Javier has enjoyed a diverse career spanning two decades in leadership positions across the corporate world. Traveling to all parts of the globe, he’s worked in management positions in communications, strategy and business development, sales and marketing, with a specialty in globalization and intellectual property licensing. This has led him to building an impressive network of strategic partnerships worldwide.

Location:Oregon, USA


Holly Moon

Events barely scratches the surface for Holly. She’s our Go-To Goddess. While she’d love to drive a Koenigsegg to work, Puerto Rican potholes prevent this reality. And while consuming an entire cheesecake means a 38-mile Saturday morning run, she’ll still grab a fork, unfazed.

Location:Florida, USA

Business Development

Fernando Frontera

Fernando is the future voice of DMX in Puerto Rico, building relationships with the island’s dealers. A big, strong, strapping tree of a man with a love of all things athletic; Fernando’s delicate side is revealed when you see him pick up his small pup from the groomer.

Location:Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Product Architect

Jim Mason

Jim jumped in his Dad’s ’64 fire-engine red GTO and headed out for work. After teaching day care and coaching women’s softball, Jim jumped into technology and is an enthusiastic software engineer and investor.

Location:Massachusetts, USA


Jamie Rellis

A 25-year auto industry veteran, he worked 15 years managing some of the most successful dealerships in the Northeast. Jamie later moved into software as a services provider, marketing and designing auto industry solutions, continuing to build strategic alliances nationwide.

Location:New York, USA


Justine Adams

There’s no better person equipped to handle our executives and business contacts. She makes the crazy look simple from an iPhone in her sleep. A mix of Betty Crocker and Sex And The City, she bakes fresh apple chips sprinkled in cinnamon while in heels with a glass of wine.

Location:Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


Paola Medina, Esq

Paola represents DMX’s in-house counsel, with a background in accounting and corporate matters. When she’s not sweating the fine print, she can be found touring architectural cities, planning her next trip to Paris, enjoying a cup of coffee, and taking photos every step of the way. Along with being fluent in French, she’s a total foodie.

Location:Condado, Puerto Rico


Benjamin Clough

A mechanical enthusiast with a love of all things automotive, Ben brings the color to DMX. He lives and breathes our branding, laying the path of presentation to put our best foot forward everywhere we go. Even when that best foot is in flip flops on the beach.

Location:Florida, USA


Jonathan Wynne

Jonathan has no pets. He was going to adopt a dog, but it was born in July and their astrological signs didn’t match. He’s mastering telekinesis, yet falling short of moving objects, walks to the fridge for a beer. He hopes to mate a DeLorean and Tesla, creating a Future to the Future car.

Location:Osaka, Japan

Business Analyst

Omar Gonzalez

A determined guy with an insatiable desire to keep on learning and improving his skillset. He knows who to talk to and what to do so the job gets done. In his free time he can be found playing tennis, bowling, and reviewing the latest gadgets in the tech world. His motto: If you like to teach, I am here to learn.

Location:Carolina, Puerto Rico


Amy Fitch

It takes a special person to track the automotive industry. Up at 5 am training for a zombie apocalypse at her local CrossFit box, she’s staying fit to wrestle zombies, as outrunning them won’t happen. When your day is not coming up roses, Fitch can be counted on to ruin it further with donuts.

Location:Florida, USA


Ryan Keener

Ryan likes to live dangerously, which is why he has a Cane Corso, rides a motorcycle… and has two teenage sons. Heaven help him.

Location:Marietta, PA


Francy Frias

Born in a file room at the IRS, Francy was found by accountants and raised as one of their own. He speaks fluent numeric and loves a tasty pizza pie. We all love Francy since he is the one who runs payroll. Enough said.

Location:Carolina, Puerto Rico

Product Management

Lance Barbin

He’s our engineering machine beast tamer. By the time Lance has addressed it, this lion heels, sits and rolls over. In his spare time, he runs until his Garmin battery dies. Because there is always a spare 9 hours when running is in the cards.

Location:Texas, US

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