We create fresh solutions with bleeding edge technology and formulate problem-solving methods.


We continually design with all users in mind, eliminating inefficiencies and increasing profitability.


We drive an ‘industry new standard’, creating confidence users need for truly informed decisions.

Career Path Program

Core to our values, DMX is not just about creating great applications to change how business is conducted across the automotive and transportation industry

We’re also about giving back ~ helping others learn, build their careers, and do so through becoming a qualified blockchain developer in Hyperledger. We see the business blockchain future in the Hyperledger community and believe investing in resources to build this community worldwide, starting right here in Puerto Rico

For this, we have formed DMX University.

  • DMX Scholarship
  • Educational Partners
  • April 1, 2019 program launch

$150,000 Scholarship Fund

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We have big goals and there’s work to be done.

If your heart beats for product innovation, bringing end-user value above all else, and aspire to set a higher standard of trust in digital solutions, join us as we reinvent the auto industry.


If you’re an expert on digital solutions, passionate about helping users embrace technology, and can open doors, we’d love to talk. Our distributors are enthusiastic DMX ambassadors and heartfelt champions for our customers.

We support our distributors – sales operations, marketing and customer support. We’re here to help.
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Empowering dealerships to become more efficient begins with a solid technology partnership with manufacturers, as well as understanding the fleet needs of rental agencies. Developing and sustaining strong corporate relationships and understanding their processes empowers DMX to create solutions that solve business problems and needs for manufacturers, rental agencies and dealers alike.

With our flexible architecture and advanced technology, customization is practical and anticipated in providing white-labeled solutions to solve large scale demands. Our business intelligence, design and engineering teams, as well as top executives and management, collaborate with corporate and dealership users, providing an open feedback loop through an agile process to fulfill even the trickiest of requirements.

If you represent an OEM or national rental agency and would like to find out more about how our solutions can meet your business needs, then please…

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